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Grand Fantasia

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  • Writer for any language
You want to add a guide or just add a few sentences to any page in your language ? Please contact me in facebook :) E.g. writing an instruction for the sprite page, give tips, etc... The instruction will be placed directly on the sprite-page I can also add a new menuitem for in-depth guides.


As soon as there is new content, I am going to inform you on this page. So be sure to come by from time to time ;)


Thanks to everyone who helped :)

  • Compieneko (EN) Server: IIlania - Provided screenshots
  • Jeros (LAT) Server: Zafiro - Translation
  • [GS]Zelda (LAT) Server: Rubi - Translation
  • Sascia Donati (IT) - Translation
  • Jefferson de Campos (PT) Server: Madaya - Translation
  • Mario Rodrigues (PT) Server: Madaya - Translation
  • Hysmor (FR) Level 95 - Translation


Feel free to text me any grammar mistakes or general text improvements - I am sure there is a lot to improve - via Facebook.